Kasbah des roses

guesthouse in the Roses Valley

The Kasbah has been funded by Laboratoire HÉVÉA and is at the heart of a socially responsible tourism project.

guesthouse in the Roses Valley
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Kasbah des Roses

Situated in the Valley of Roses in Morocco, Kasbah des Roses welcomes travelers in search of adventure and genuineness. Each guest will enjoy their own sensorial experience immersed in the Berber region.

Perfume and rose workshops are organized to promote Damask rose and at the same time to support the tourism sector in the Kasbah des Roses in Morocco.

Our actions 1

HÉVÉA revives the technique of Damask rose enfleurage

Laboratoire HÉVÉA carries out the Damask rose enfleurage at the very heart of the Valley of Roses.

Damask roses are a complementary activity for Moroccan people who grow them in bushy hedges to mark off shepherds' plots.

Our laboratory works with and keeps excellent relationships with the local population to ensure full respect of the principles of fair trade. The price of roses is set and allows the local families to secure additional earnings and to retain a commercial activity in this secluded valley.

In association with a Berber women's cooperative to produce argan oil

The argan oil is one of the main sources of revenue for the women of this region. It contributes to the economic development of Essaouira and to the emancipation of Berber women.

The argan oil is produced according to traditional methods by a Berber women's cooperative established near Essaouira which guarantees an oil of a very high quality. This oil is used for the elaboration of HÉVÉA products.

(Essaouira, Maroc)
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