Full command of our ingredients

The quality of the entire range is wholly dependent on the quality of the raw materials used. HÉVÉA's know-how is based on our command of the entire manufacturing process, which enables us to rigorously select ingredients from top-quality producers. Keen to offer our customers the very best nature has to offer, we pride ourselves in always seeking out the rarest and most precious ingredients and fragrances, the ancestral roots of each individual component. This elitist approach results in the authenticity of a highly exclusive range.

Sweet almond and poppy

Almonds are scrupulously selected from Alicante's most magnificent almond trees before making it into HÉVÉA's most delectable products. Freshly pressed each time a product is manufactured, the wonderful almond oil brings a hint of softness to the formulae, bestowing each one with its many virtues. Equally admirable, producing HÉVÉA's poppy oil demands the self-same care and attention.

Rose enfleurage

HÉVÉA is responsible for reviving the technique of enfleurage, and today this remains the sole method capable of gently extracting active ingredients such as fragrances from the most delicate flowers. Fresh roses are left in our plant oils to infuse for a short period of time, with the process being repeated over and over again. Thousands of roses thus come into contact with our oils, giving them their unequalled character and authenticity.

First fresh rose water

750, that's how many fresh roses are needed to produce just one litre of this miraculous water. Hand-picked in the Valley of the Roses, the flowers are immediately steam distilled on-site in Morocco, in full respect of local traditions and the local population.

Plant and resin dyes and macerations

In order to create our range of unique fragrances, our perfumer has opted to rekindle age-old techniques, re-forging links with traditional perfumery. Macerations of plants, spices and resins in organic alcohol or flower water form the aromatic basis of these fragrant jewels: Mexican Copal, Australian Sandalwood, Oman incense, Chios Mastic, Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla…


Freshly pressed for HÉVÉA, our precious Argan oil is the fruit of fair trade partnerships with a cooperative of Berber women. Rigorously selected, the very best kernels release their highly refined elixir that boasts unrivalled organoleptic qualities.

Fresh Aloe Vera juice

Extracted from the very best Aloe Vera plants in Andalucía, our pure Aloe Vera juice is obtained from the pulp that is extracted manually from fresh leaves. This nectar, which boasts a myriad of virtues, is incorporated into our formula as soon as it leaves the press so as to maintain its many properties.


This wood is one of the most treasured in the world. It is widely used in oriental perfumerie. It brings force and power to the perfumes. Our perfumer has decided to use it for the elaboration of our aromatic and mystical products.


The bark and the pips of the Mollar de Elche pomegranate which belongs to the best variety and with a registered appellation of origin contain excellent regenerating and anti-oxidant properties. The precious oil and the extract obtained are wisely used in our face and body treatment products to embellish your skin.

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