Responsible consumption

Laboratoire HÉVÉA publishes open, comprehensive and understandable information. It is committed to an approach of full and global transparency vis-à-vis its customers.

Transparency and HÉVÉA products

Our products have nothing to hide… we are completely transparent with the information we offer to our customers. Laboratoire HÉVÉA is engaged to offer as much information as possible on the labels of its products so that the consumer can identify all necessary information for a comprehensive understanding and for an adequate use of the product.

The information appearing on the labels is clear, simple and precise.

Detailed composition of the product appears on the main side of the label.

Laboratoire HÉVÉA is in favor of the use of non-polluting and unharmful raw materials for the people and the Planet.

Laboratoire HÉVÉA uses genuine plant ingredients for its products: rose enfleurage, dyes, macerations…

Constant packaging and label improvement for a maximum transparency vis-à-vis the consumers.

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